Home Assistant ESPHome Window Monitor

Posted on 27th Oct 2021 13:19:48 in POE, Network, Home Assistant

Home Assistant window/door open closed monitor using a WT32-ETH01 with POE adapter with 42 GPIO's terminated into RJ45 sockets. The additional GPIO's are provided by 4 x MCP23008 I2C chips.

WT32-ETH01 POE Window Monitor

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Linux RAID Management - replacing disks

Posted on 7th Jul 2021 11:04:46 in Linux RAID

I recently had a 3TB HDD fail in my linux server in RAID5 that had been online for 9.3 years. I have 5 3TB NetApp SATA disks that are only 3 years old that im going to cycle into the array to remove the older disks that will be kept as spares.

Failed HDD

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Building Digital Thermometer

Posted on 19th Jan 2024 07:45:14 in IoT

Using an ESP8266 a LCD and a DS18B20 temperature sensor for the kitchen

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IoT NodeMCU ESP8266

Posted on 1st Jul 2021 15:27:03 in IoT

I recently brought 3 of these NodeMCU dev kits for playing around with, building some remote sensors over WiFi. The options are huge with 10 GPIO pins to play with.

NodeMCU + DTH22

I2C - Sensors

PWM - Senors

1 wire - Sensors

GPIO - connect relays etc..

Covers off most sensors you would want to connect.

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8 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig

Posted on 12th Mar 2023 07:01:23 in Mining, Cryptocurrency

Using 8 x Sapphire Nitro+ RX580s to build a Ethereum mining rig.

M2 to PCIe x4

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